Hi there! Buster.JS is not released yet. We're hard at work on a beta release.


If you have any questions, you can e-mail August Lilleaas ( and Christian Johansen ( We're the hard working programmers that creates Buster.JS.


The code is developed in the open. You can find it at We also have a mirror on, if you want to send us pull requests from your GitHub account.


We tweet on It is actually a mirror of our StatusNet, — we prefer to own our content. Since most people prefer Twitter, we're listening in on your tweets too though.


Come visit us at #buster on freenode. There's not much activity there, but we're lurking so feel free to lurk as well.

Mailing list

There's a mailing list on Google Groups. Not much activity there either, but we're checking in on it once in a while so feel free to post and subscribe.