Important: Buster.JS is not yet released. The documentation is by no means complete.


There's a Getting started guide, only for Node.JS testing only so far though.


buster-args Reusable and unobtrusive utility for parsing command line options.
buster-assertions Contains all assertions for test cases.
buster-configuration Defines the behaviour of configuration files.
buster-core The buster object.
buster-evented-logger Reusable evebt based logger component
buster-format Utility library for formatting JavaScript objects as nice looking strings.
buster-module-loader Resolves node modules from strings like "module-name#prop-name".
buster-promise An implementation of the promise pattern.
buster-resources Generic representation
buster-test Test cases, contexts, reporters, and more.
buster-user-agent-parser Reusable stand-alne module for getting platform, browser name and browser version from a user agent string.