It's so quick. And dirty!


npm install -g buster

Then need to either have NODE_PATH set up or also npm link buster (without -g) in the project where you want use buster.

Config file

Put it in test/buster.js in your project. Or spec/buster.js. Or anywhere, and buster test -c path/to/config-file.

var config = module.exports;
config["Node tests"] = {
    environment: "node",
    tests: ["test/*.js"]

Write a test

In, say, test/my-test.js.

var buster = require("buster");
buster.testCase("omg wtf bbq", {
    setUp: function () {
    "test a test": function () {
        // There's no assert.notEquals. Use refute.equals for symmetry win.
        buster.refute.equals("foo", "bar"); 
    "test another test": function (done) {
        // This is an asynchonous test. It won't be considered successfull
        // until the done function is called.
        setTimeout(function () {
        }, 1000);
    " a context": {
        setUp: function () {
            // With it's own setUp and tearDown that "inherits" from parent.
       "and more tests": function () {

Run it

Run the buster test command. See also buster test --help