The beta is upon us!

See getting started and the overview for usage, installation, features, etc.

So far we have QUnit style static html page testing, JsTestDriver style browser automation, and node testing. We have stubbing and mocking, setUp and tearDown, asynchronous tests, hybrid browser/Node tests, and much more.

We don't have a super stable 1.0 that you can connect to a zillion old browsers to and have it run in a stable fashion in your CI environment. Getting there requires field testing, and that's where you come in.

You will run into issues, and when you do, we want to know about them. Please don't hesitate posting issues in the issue tracker.

See also mailing list, #buster and Twitter @buster_js.

Known issues

IE7 and lower, and Safari, doesn't work with buster server. You can still use buster static to run your tests in these browsers.


Running browser tests without a browser and a server via PhantomJS

Stability for CI environments etc.

..and more. This list is incomplete.