If you have any questions, you can e-mail August Lilleaas ( and Christian Johansen ( We’re the hard working programmers running the Buster.JS project.


Buster.JS is developed in the open. The source code is hosted at and Development discussion happens in the issue tracker and the development mailing list.


We tweet on It is actually a mirror of our StatusNet, - we prefer to own our content. Since most people prefer Twitter, we’re listening in on your tweets too though.


Come visit us at #buster.js on Activity is spiky so stay around for a few hours if you ask us a question. The channel logs are available at

Mailing list

There’s a mailing list on Google Groups.


See Contributors.

Community watch

A collection of links with more information about the community’s usage of Buster.JS.

  • GitHub search for buster.js
  • Twitter search
  • Try Buster (quick and easy VM setup)
  • Buster TextMate bundle
  • Buster on Rails
  • Yahtzee Kata with Buster.JS
  • Testable widget with Buster.JS

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