Contribution guidelines

Post questions to the busterjs-dev mailing list

The busterjs-dev mailing list is a place for general discussion regarding development of Buster.JS. In many cases you can just post an issue to the issue tracker and the discussion can happen there. But you can also discuss on the mailing list if you’re more comfortable with that. For example, you might prefer to use email for discussion, or you want to discuss your contribution before posting it to the issue tracker.

Coding style

Use your favorite IDE to edit files, but please always use autolint. If you don’t have installed it yet, you can do that by:

npm install -g autolint

Before you edit a file, run autolint in the root directory of the related project. Keep an eye on the output of the tool while you are editing and fix all mentioned issues before you commit your changes.

Further it’s a good idea to look at existing code to get an idea of the coding style of the project.

Automated tests

It is important that you write good unit tests for your changes. Best way to do that is to develop test-driven. We are convinced test-driven developers and we would be very pleased, if you’re one too.

How to run tests

Manual testing

To verify that your changes also work in the real life, besides the automated test world, you have to test them manually. It’s useful to have an example project for that. If you want to fix an issue it is recommened to create an example project to reproduce the issue first. Later you can use the same project to verify the issue is really fixed.

How to run Buster.JS

Understanding Buster.JS

See Architecture overview.