This is a rough road map of how we imagine getting Buster.JS to a rock solid v1.0. When we slap Buster.JS with the big 'ole "1.0", we guarantee that:

Another goal of 1.0 is to have APIs that we feel gives us some room to "grow" new features in the future. Obviously, this is a "soft goal", and one that's hard to quantify, but it will at least account for some of the more lofty dreams we currently have.

When will you support Windows?

Windows support is a requirement for us to tag Buster.JS with "1.0", but we haven't planned it in more detail than that. If you use Windows and want to help, refer to Windows support status.

Buster.JS 0.6 (AKA Beta 4)

Released June 20th, see the changelog. 0.6.1, 2012.07.09

Buster.JS 0.7 (AKA Beta 5/RC 1)

The final "big" changes will land. Bug fixes. New documentation site.



In progress. Expected to complete in August.

Release candidates

If necessary, we will fix bugs and iron out issues from 0.7 and release as successive RC's until things stableize. At this point, we expect roughly one RC per week/two weeks until we hit the sweet-spot, which is...

Buster.JS 1.0

Buster.JS 1.0 will be released when 0.7 has been tested in the wild, any breaking bugs have been fixed, and all current extensions have been updated to accommodate for API changes etc. buster-static will likely not be included with 1.0, but installable as an add-on.

Buster.JS 1.1

A revamped buster-static that can do both Node and Browser tests from within the browser is included in the default installation.

Installers for OSX and Windows.

buster-ci a new binary that can automate everything - start server, capture browsers, run tests, wind down. Headless testing. See this thread for the current draft, and pitch in your own ideas/requirements.